ICE Spotlight: Reniguard Life Sciences, Inc.


Reniguard Life Sciences, Inc. is one of the new tenants in the Innovation Center at Eagleview. Renigaurd Life Sciences is a biotech company established in 2008 with special interest in diagnostic assay development. This line of work has been built around Reniguard’s innovative technologies for highly sensitive and quantitative DNA mutation detection and several other novel PCR-based technologies. As stated in its website, “although the past two decades have seen remarkable advances in the development of oncological therapeutics and personalized cancer treatments, early detection/diagnosis remains the most effective way of saving lives”. The high sensitivity and the quantitative capability of their mutation assays will enable early detection and risk assessment of certain cancers.  Reniguard is also developing assays for the early diagnosis of drug-resistance during treatment of chronic Hepatitis B. Several mutation assay kits have been successfully commercialized in the research community. Reniguard’s mission is to improve clinical management of various diseases through scientific research and innovations.

Reniguard Life Sciences is also an active CRO (contract research organization) providing research services to pharmaceutical, biotech and academic clients. The service areas include construction, production, purification and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins. The active R&D at Reniguard brings high quality and cutting-edge technologies to their customers. A complete list of their services can be found on

Reniguard Life Sciences, Inc. 665 Stockton Drive | Suite 200A Eagleview Corporate Center | Exton PA