Passion For Fitness CardioZone: Stop Wasting Your Time on Senseless Workouts


Are you just going to a gym and saying, “Well today I am just going to do bench presses and then play around with the machines”? Many of us would rather be doing anything but exercising; but spending the time doing strength training with a purpose will be so much more rewarding than just going through the motions. A solid foundation of strength education should be the premise of your program. Don’t waste your precious time, make your exercise time invaluable. Check out our NEW Virtual Force Kettlebell class at PFF Cardio Zone!

The purpose of the Virtual Force Kettlebell class is to incorporate a systematic strength approach into a group setting. The class will be exceptionally effective, efficient and safe at improving many components of fitness: dynamic strength, endurance, fat loss and muscle building (men) and toning (women).  This class will be highly dynamic in fat burning and a solid foundation of strength education. The intent is to provide anyone and everyone with an opportunity to be part of an elite group strength and instructional kettlebell class.

Class will be taught by our very own: Joe Ransom, President and Founder of Passion for Fitness, PFF Cardiozone, Passion for Fitness Franchise Company, and partner/owner in Passion Cycles and Bloomington Dynamics. Joe Ransom shares his insights into health, fitness and his purposed training philosophies. Joe has been training and teaching students (clients) for 12 years and is certified in personal training and sports plyometrics through the National Endurance Sports Training Association. He has owned and operated private personal training fitness studios for 10 years and is also FMS and Strong First certified in kettlebells. He wants to share his wealth of experience and his fitness background to help everyone live healthier, injury free and stronger lives!

Whatever type of workout you’re “passionate” about, we’re passionate about bringing it to you!

  • Pilates
  • Honking (Cycling)
  • Boot Camp
  • Roll into Bootcamp
  • TRX
  • Virtual Force Kettlebells

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