Eagleview Community Garden: New Location; Benefitting Chester County Food Bank


Eagleview Corporate Center volunteers rolled up their sleeves or tucked in their ties to lend a hand at the new Eagleview Community Garden – a 16-bed garden site installed and planted by Hankin Group, Cray Valley and the non-profit Triskeles across the street from the Eagleview Town Center on Friday, April 11, 2014. The produce from the garden will go to the Chester County Food Bank, which distributes over two million pounds of food per year to over 100 organizations that include food cupboards, meal sites and other social service non-profit organizations. The Eagleview Community Garden is part of Triskeles's Food For All program, an anti-hunger mission that aims to connect companies, schools and universities, churches and civic groups and their employees in an effort to grow fresh veggies for the food-insecure.

On April 11th, the team moved the 10 double-high raised garden beds, located next to the Eagleview Senior Apartments, to their new location across from Eagleview Town Center. The garden was reconfigured to include 12 single-high 3 x 10 garden beds and four double-high 3 x 10 garden beds. This new garden will be maintained by a team of volunteers from Triskeles, other organizations located in Eagleview Corporate Center and The Chester County Food Bank.


CommunityGarden02CommunityGarden03CommunityGarden04Chard, kale, potatoes, and a host of other vegetables will be planted & donated to the Chester County Food Bank – a healthy alternative to the boxed and canned goods usually offered to the more than 70,000 hungry people in Chester County – many of them our neighbors.

There are so many good reasons to help, and you’ll benefit from the sunshine and activity; you’ll be getting fit by doing good for others. If your organization would like to start a garden team or you would like to contribute some time during the season, contact Beverly Abbonizio at Hankin Group.