Passion for Fitness: Effective Strategies


Every client we have is our number one priority. Given the uniqueness of each client, an individualized plan is created to meet their individual needs. With initial assessments, our ability to see their food logging through our nutrition programs, FMS, and resting metabolic rate testing we can effectively put together a sound strategy. We gather all this knowledge and ultimately use it to achieve greater results in a shorter period of time. Clients come to us for one-on-one training because we design a one of a kind plan using our tools and expertise. We are able to do this while taking into account injuries, or if you have significant weight to lose, or you want to get stronger and fit, or you want to perform better in a certain sport. Our educated, qualified personal trainers can analyze each client with the tools at Passion for Fitness to put together an effective strategy and play for you. PFF-wall

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Gary lost 57lbs! No more medications. No more high blood pressure. No more diabetes.

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