Clark & Goshow: The Value of Relationships


Money can be a topic people are reluctant to discuss, but having an open, transparent dialogue about your finances should be the goal when it comes to your relationship with your Financial Advisor. An integral part of the client-advisor relationship is dependent on your advisor knowing the ins and outs of your overall financial situation, as well as your goals for the future. Arming your advisor with this information helps ensure that he or she can provide you with the most appropriate resources and strategies. Share your goals “These conversations are about the things clients hold most dear, and it’s not always an easy discussion for clients to have,” says Jack Clark, Registered Principal of Clark & Goshow Financial Strategies Group. A high level of openness also helps the advisor craft a plan that addresses the client’s hopes for the future.

Map out your future Our Envision® planning process helps create an open dialogue between us and our clients. “The Envision process can give clients a huge advantage, because it is designed to help clients live the one life they have, the best way they can.” Clark says.

The process starts with giving the Financial Advisor an understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve, and what your concerns are about achieving those things. The discussion is based on your dreams and what you want your future to look like. It’s about understanding your goals.

We can help with all factors that may impact retirement planning. For example, more and more clients are dealing with the reality of caring for an aging parent or an adult child. Clients may also be caught off guard by inflation. With life spans increasing, inflation can play a huge role in a client’s ability to maintain their purchasing power over 30 years or more of post-retirement life.

Finally, clients should remember that having an open conversation with their advisor in the beginning of the relationship doesn’t mean they are finished. When changes happen, clients need to know that they can and should go back to their advisor and talk about those changes and how they impact their plan.

At Clark & Goshow Financial Strategies Group, we value our relationships with our clients. We’ll look at your complete financial picture and create a plan that provides you with confidence in your financial future. The Envision process helps us identify where you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Contact us to begin planning for your future today.

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