Why Shop at Eagleview Farmers Market?


Buying food from a farmer’s market does more for you and your community than you may know.  We would like to summarize what we learned from the Center of Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture. Buying fresh food sold at a Farmer’s Market not only tastes better but is great for your health. Attending farmer’s markets allows you to ask the farmer yourself where your food came from and how it is grown, a luxury sacrificed when buying meats or veggies at a grocery store.   Larger farms resort to using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification to keep up with the demand of the masses.  Local farmers have more freedom to grow their food organically and have the ability to raise their animals without hormones or antibiotics. This means less chemicals being put into your body and less waste being released into our environment by conventional agriculture.

farmers market veggies

Supporting the local families whose livelihood is growing these delicious sustainable products helps them raise the money to continue their sustainable practices and helps create diversity in the food market.  Buying directly from the farmers allows them to receive a greater return on their product, which is important for our local businesses to continue to compete with large grocery stores. Buying locally also helps cut down on carbon emissions caused by the food deliveries to our local grocery store. According to cuesa.org the average mileage that food travels to reach your plate is 1,500 miles. The community only needs a small percentage of people to change their food buying to cut down on deliveries!

farmers market meat

Farmers markets also give you the opportunity to buy organically made or safe products for your body. This includes baked goods, body products, and jewelry. Eagleview wants to help create healthier environment for us to live in.  Help us support positive treatment of ourselves and our environment by buying local at our year round farmer’s market.  Step out of the cold and into the Chester County Food Bank to buy your locally grown or freshly created products. Our winter hours are as follows, every first and third Thursday of the month from 3-5 pm.  If you have no interest in buying fresh products at least  come in to talk with the fellow people of your community where you can share recipes, experiences, and stories.

Stop by this Thursday from 3-5pm at 650 Pennsylvania Drive, Exton PA to come explore our fresh products!

farmers market soap


For more information on the type of products offered at our farmers market, check out http://growingrootspartners.com