Know Where Your Meat Comes From!

Did you know that on June 11th, the House voted to repeal labels that tell consumers what countries their meat is from? Why - to boil it down, politics and money.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? When you purchase meat in a grocery store, you'll have no idea where that meat came from!

Not so when you shop at the farmers market. You'll know where your meat comes from; you'll even become best friends with the farmers who raised the animal! They'll even invite you to visit the farm if you're curious for details. No hidden agendas here - honest farmers making an honest living, in Pennsylvania, in Chester County and Lancaster County.

Get to know where your food comes from - shop at the farmers market every week! Exercise your right to know with your shopping practices and your buying power.

We're proud of our livestock farmers here in Eagleview Town Center: * Lindenhof Farm at the market weekly with beef, pork, lamb and poultry * Meadowset Farm at the market weekly with lamb * Canter Hill Farm at the market monthly with pork, lamb, poultry

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