Try a Honking Class!

Are you wondering what a "Honking" class is? The answer would be that it is one of the most innovative and effective ways to exercise - and have FUN while doing it right here in Eagleview.

Honking is the term for "riding out of the saddle." Essentially, you would use a cycle similar to those in cycling classes, except there is no seat. Before you get intimidated, know that when using a cycle in neutral stance, you're able to achieve an optimal cardiovascular workout without a great deal of impact and stress on the body. Basically, you can benefit from a very intense workout without feeling strains and muscle pains...We're totally in!

The "Incumbent" cycle is the new technology developed by Joe Ransom, owner of Passion for Fitness in Eagleview Town Center. He has since opened multiple locations, and has dedicated his newest Eagleview branch, "Passion Cycles" to Honking classes. 

"The atmosphere during Honking classes is positive and encouraging. Participants know that they are engaging their entire body in a safe and effective form of exercise." Ransom explains. "They feel good during the workout, and the benefits will continue long after each Honking class ends." 

If you're wondering what Honking classes look like in action, check out this video below: 

Joe also says he is looking forward to retailing with the Incumbent Cycles early next year. For more information about Passion Cycles and Honking, visit

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