World Kindness Week

Thank you to everyone who submitted their nominations for our World Kindness Week Contest!

Here are some of our favorite submissions: 


"Today someone from our office building locked herself out. We looked up the phone # for her and let her use our phone to call and get back into her office." - Joan C. 


"Grace in our office donated her purchase of popcorn from my son's Cub Scout popcorn drive to the office." - Michael H.


"Janet went to a fair and brought back some small gifts for the office. It was very kind of her to do that." - Mike H. 


"I’d like to tell you about my co-worker, Lisa, who is the kindest person I know.  She performs acts of kindness on a daily basis, not just during World Kindness Week, such as buying breakfast for a complete stranger in the car behind her when she is in the drive-thru, leaving cold medicine on the desk of a co-worker who is not feeling well, offering to pay for lunch when she goes out with friends (or paying for it on the sly without her friends knowing it), and buying flowers for a friend on her birthday – or just when the friend needs something to smile about.  She is always the first person to volunteer to help another co-worker, even though she is always busy herself, and she never hesitates to offer assistance to clients as needed.  Lisa even visits my 91-year-old father at his assisted living facility when I need to go out of town – and she will accept nothing for doing so.  Lisa always acts without expectation of reward or thanks, and we are all so fortunate to have her in our lives. "