Sydnie Bayles Hits $200,000!

While most two-year olds are beginning to recognize shapes or objects, Sydnie Bayles was recognizing her distinctive ability to help other children. The unsettling number of children diagnosed with cancer each day troubled the Bayles family, and they knew they wanted to help but they weren’t quite sure how. That’s when little Sydnie decided she would sell lemonade with the help of her supportive parents, Steve and Morreen Bayles. She created a lemonade stand to benefit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and to help children battling cancer all over the country.

If you’ve ever attended a Tuesday night concert in Eagleview Town Center, then we’re sure you know exactly who we’re talking about! She’s now a spunky young teen with an encouraging smile in charge of the lemonade stand; and if you have had the chance to chat with her, you immediately recognize her utterly sincere and caring personality.

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Eagleview Town Center feels tremendously lucky and honored to have Sydnie Bayles and her parents as friends in the community. She is incredible at selling lemonade, and the community at Town Center has taken attention to her acts of kindness and dedication in battling childhood cancer.

Sydnie and Morreen Bayles with Liz Scott - Alex's mom!

Sydnie and Morreen Bayles with Liz Scott - Alex's mom!

This year, Sydnie’s acts of kindness certainly did not go un-noticed. As a matter of fact, Sydnie has won the 2018 Alex’s Lemonade Stand of the Year! This remarkable award was chosen by Liz Scott, Alex’s mother. Bayles achieved an impressive goal of raising $200,000 in 2017 for children with cancer. This money goes towards research grants and expenses for children undergoing treatment. Why does she do it? Her answer is humbling. “The reality is because I can, and it’s so much fun. I can spend this time so kids battling cancer can battle their own battles and get healthy.”

We recently had the opportunity to interview Liz Scott, and we asked her a few questions about Sydnie and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF).

EVTC: What inspired you about Sydnie’s stand to award her “Stand of the Year?”
Liz: Sydnie has supported ALSF for a very long time and she has set ambitious goals for herself. She’s impressed us with her continue support and she exemplifies the ALSF philosophy of helping kids. It amazes us how much time and energy her family puts in to doing lemonade stands every week of the summer for so many years. It is unparalleled.

EVTC: Where would you like to see ALSF go in the next 5 years?
Liz: We would love to be put out of shop because childhood cancers have been cured. In the meantime, we will continue to fill gaps and fund innovative research, with the help of generous supporters like Sydnie. We’ve recently opened the first-of-its-kind Childhood Cancer Data Lab, which is using data that already exists to find breakthroughs. We’re always looking for opportunities to accelerate the pace of research, spark breakthroughs, and ultimately find better, safer treatments and cures.

EVTC: What are some obstacles you’ve come across in your journey with ALSF?
Liz: This is an urgent cause, a race against time for treatments and cures. They may not have been available for our daughter Alex, but we’ve seen treatments become available and help kids today. But it is not enough, the progress we are seeing is encouraging but it is hard to think of all the kids who it is still not enough for. So, no matter how much we do to help, we won’t feel it is enough until we can help all kids get to that cure.

EVTC: Being involved with this organization must be very touching. Do you have any examples of heartwarming stories to share?
Liz: We see kids benefit from research funded by ALSF, which was started by my daughter, Alex. Supporters like Sydnie, continue Alex’s legacy and it helps kids like Edie, Taylor, and Zach. These kids would literally not be here today if it were no for the support from Alex’s legacy and all the supporters of it. That is just a gift to me as a mom!

Sydnie will receive her award at The 2018 Lemon Ball on January 13, 2018 in Philadelphia. We’re so proud of Sydnie and all that she’s accomplished over the years, with the help of Eagleview Town Center neighbors like you! But as we all know of our ambitious Sydnie Bayles, there's no stopping her. We're positive she has big plans for her stand this year, and another goal to reach - so if you would like to help her out, please feel free to donate through

If you would like to learn more about Sydnie’s journey, watch the video of her speech at the People Report in Dallas TX here.