Silver Sky Jewelry & Gifts: Coming Soon to Eagleview!


Silver Sky Jewelry and Gifts is a fair trade retail store selling sterling silver gemstone jewelry from artisans in Nepal and India and a wide range of cultural gifts from all over the world. We have bags and purses made from recycled rice bags to handmade leather clutches; journals that are tree free, all natural lotions and soaps from Africa, and beaded jewelry form India and Africa. Silver Sky also carries an extensive line of aromatherapy, anointing oils and incense from India; scarves and accessories that are handmade and crafted using ancient techniques that make each individual item unique. Our products are individually produced by cottage industry suppliers. A big part of fair trade is to assist the poorest of developing countries. Volunteers teach women and men how to make the products to give them a skill that they can use and flourish with and lift them out of poverty.

We are excited to join the Eagleview community and look forward to getting to know you. Keep your eyes open here at for more information on our Grand Opening. Visit for more information.

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