Simply Yoga: Stress Management with Debra Hess


Experience the Moment of ReleaseIt just may be time to ask for help. Inquire into Simply Yoga’s Studios Stress Management Programs designed especially for the Eagleview corporate employees.

Call now! Fast action corporate discounts and group discounts available! Respond by March 29, 2014 at 610.306.4730.

We are ready to help with the effects of Stress: Debra will be ready to design a program that meets your companies needs!

Burn Out Not everyone is able to maintain high levels of performance when encountered with the pressures that come from: increased workload, job deadlines, work dynamics, personal conflict with co-workers or unresolved personal issues.

“The consciousness that has created the problem... cannot be the consciousness that solves it!” - Albert Einstein

Let us bring new solutions to this age old process of shutting down under pressure! Experience the option of managing stress with a gentle course on mindfulness and meditation techniques that relieve and manage the cognitive shut down. Don’t wait the cost is too GREAT!

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