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PFF_CeilCEIL LOST 65LBS! “I was a ‘healthy fat’ person or so I thought. I was 80 pounds overweight, but didn’t have the typical health issues associated with extra weight. No high blood pressure, high cholesterol or signs of diabetes but I knew I needed a big change and that I couldn’t do it on my own. I decided to try a personal trainer and found Passion for Fitness. From my very first meeting, I felt comfortable and encouraged. I signed up, fully anticipating it not to work, but I was wrong!

In less than a year, I have lost 65 pounds, dropped more than 6 dress sizes and gained more muscle than I thought was possible. I am very motivated to keep going and further exceed my goals. But more important than any number, I love that I am more educated and aware of what I need to do to maintain my new lifestyle. That was the missing link.

There are no easy fixes to a lifetime of bad habits, but with the encouragement, support, patience and understanding of all the trainers at PFF you can make it happen and change your life for the better.”


“About 3 years ago, with a family and toddler, a career and other volunteer activities, more often than not when something in my schedule needed to give, it was the gym that got cancelled. One day, I saw the Passion for Fitness studio.

Working out with the team at PFF was originally just something I could schedule, but it became much bigger than that. The trainers at PFF are quite adept at designing programs to fit your individual needs. I was coming off of a series of ankle injuries and had 2 disc herniations from earlier track days. The team helped me get back from the ankle injuries with no problems. They’ve also worked meticulously to create a program that not only avoids my back injuries but actually strengthens the supporting muscles from the core to glutes. Let it be known that PFF is obsessed with the core and glutes! But my back feels better than ever.

Last year, Joe and my family doctor independently recommended that I consider losing some weight. I knew I could afford to lose a few pounds, and I had to stay in great shape to chase a young son around at home. I started tracking caloric intake with the PFF calorie counter. In the past 6 months, I’ve lost 13 pounds and have kept it off thanks to the commitment of PFF.

From old injuries to weight control to challenging me with the most advanced techniques, I’m happy to have the Passion for Fitness team in my camp.”

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