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By Richard & Doris Goswiller, Owners I don’t have to tell you that we are living in difficult times. With all the tension both nationally and internationally our lives can easily be filled with anxiety. Add to that our own hectic routines and our lives can become quite stressful. If not dealt with properly, we can become the victims of all sorts of spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical problems. Perhaps you now find yourself in such a dilemma, or you may know someone else who is in difficulty. Fortunately, there is genuine help available.

At the Eagle’s Nest Christian Bookstore we have a large variety of resources addressing all the issues of life in a stressful world. These are designed to help people right where they are at in their struggles. You will find especially helpful the large selection of brief, but very well written booklets dealing with all the difficult issues of life. Just mention this article when you visit our store and you may select any one booklet of your choice with a purchase of $10. This may be just what someone needs to help them make some progress in their life! We hope to see you soon, but until then have a great summer.

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