Our Kids Academy at Eagleview Town Center - Try Us For Free!


Our Kid's Academy at Eagleview Town Center is now enrolling & you can try it out for free (call for details)! Located at 699 Rice Blvd in Eagleview's Town Center, Our Kid's Academy offers:

  • Degreed Educators
  • infant, toddler, and preschool programming.
  • Music, Spanish, and Yoga, on site enrichment classes
  • Completely renovated playground
  • Full and part day schedules available

Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Enrollment in a program managed by Hildebrandt Learning Centers enables your child to be exposed to a learning environment, curriculum and qualified teaching staff that will help your child reach his/her fullest potential for school readiness as well as lifelong success.

Click below to learn the essential indicators of high quality preschool programs.

1. There are positive relationships between teachers and children.

Your child is assigned a primary teaching staff who:

  • Plan individual skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, diversity, and social-emotional based on your child's abilities and interests. Keeps individual assessments via anecdotal and work samples of your child's development & learning in order to monitor his/her skills and knowledge that align with Early Learning Standards so he/she will be ready for Kindergarden and success in School. 

2. The room is well-equipped, with sufficient materials and toys. The teaching staff arrange and rotate learning materials which are the hands-on textbooks for your child’s learning.

  • The classroom environment is arranged in interest areas to support literacy, math, science, social studies and music.
  • Teaching staff provide open-ended materials that provide greater opportunities for your child’s creativity, sorting, counting,exploring,comparing, hypothesizing, and much more.

3. Curriculum and Assessment programs utilized by HLC teaching staff:

  • Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives and curriculum from which individual and group activities are planned to support Early Learning Standards which contain goals for learning in all domains of learning i.e. cognitive (literacy, math, science, music), self-help skills, and study skills for your child in order to know what your child already knows and what your child is ready to learn. 
  • Creative Curriculum is endorsed by many educators/ researchers and it aligns with PA Dept. of Education public school system learning guidelines (SAS). 
  • PATHS Curriculum and/or Turtle Time support social-emotional development and learning. Self-control, initiative, making appropriate choices, problem-solving, etc., are critical emotional-social skills needed to handle Kindergarten Curriculum.
  • GOLD assessment tool (on-line) and your child’s individual portfolio of his/her work sampling measures his/her development & learning. Beginning September 2014, families in HLC centers will be able to participate in the Family Site Teaching Strategies GOLD which will provide you with ideas to support your child's learning.
  • Teaching Staff complete a Professional Development Record (PDR) that includes annual professional development (minimum of 24 hours per staff) that aligns with the PA Keystone Registry of Professional Development. 

Our Kids' Academy at Eagleview Town Center 699 Rice Blvd (adjacent to acac Fitness & Wellness Centers) Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA 610.810.1526 | HildebrandtLC.com