Simply Yoga: More Than the Name Implies!


When Debra Hess opened Simply Yoga in Eagleview seven years ago, she envisioned providing the Eagleview Community with more than just yoga classes. She wanted to provide a sense of community — not only for the residents of Eagleview who frequented her studio, but also students from other Chester County communities. As you enter the doors of the studio, a sense of calmness and serenity comes over you. The smell of incense, the dimmed lights, the inviting décor — all entice you to delve further into what’s offered there. Simply Yoga offers an array of yoga classes in the morning, weekday evenings, and on the weekends. A full class schedule is available on The instructors at Simply Yoga seek to meet the needs of those who are looking for a place of peace and tranquility; for a complete health system; for assistance in rehabilitating and/or warding off or slowing the progression of a chronic illness; for a way to restore/maintain flexibility through gentle, stress free movement; as well as of those following a spiritual path and seeking the skills to journey within their own heart.

Community Class Day is every Sunday when the studio is open to anyone who would like to try yoga for the first time or just wants another time and place to continue their practice. Classes start at 9am with Restorative Yoga: a gentle practice that helps the body renew itself; followed at 12 noon by Classical Yoga: a class taught by an instructor who studied in India and who shares many insights regarding the spiritual side of the practice. Each of these classes may be attended for only $10 (cash, please) per class. Then, at 2pm, Karma Yoga finishes off the Community Day schedule. This class is instructed on a rotating basis by 4 newly trained instructors who each add a little of their individuality to the class. Community members may attend this class for a mere $5 (cash, please). It is a wonderful way for those on a fixed income to share in the benefits of yoga!

Along with yoga classes, Simply Yoga offers meditation. There is one class at 7:45pm on Wednesdays that is strictly meditation, but other classes sprinkled throughout the schedule offer a combination of yoga and meditation.

Workshops are also a common event at Simply Yoga. Held for 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, they give the new or longtime yogi deeper insight into yoga. Some workshops focus on certain poses and modifying those poses so they can done safely, especially for students who have a back issues, tender knees, or shoulders that don’t like to support arms reaching for the ceiling. Other workshops are instructional and provide opportunities to learn about vibrational medicine, the underlying spiritual teachings from which yoga grew, or the meaning of Karma. Several workshops focus on the foundations of poses — how to correctly position your body in the individual poses and the transitions from one pose to another. A listing of all workshops can be found on the website.

While yoga, meditation, and workshops remain the focus of the business, Debbie shares some of her other interests with the community. For the last three months, Simply Yoga has been offering its community appointments to meet with Jean Westbrook Leavitt (, a well known clairvoyant. The sessions are private, held at the studio, and consist of Jean employing her talents to best serve what each person hopes to achieve during the one-hour session ($60). September’s sessions are all booked, but a few spots remain for October 14th — contact Debbie for availabilities.

Simply Yoga also has listings of Community Resources and a “lending library” being set up in the lower level of the building which will afford community members the ability to borrow books, videos, CDs, and DVDs.

We invite you to wander over to 598 Wharton Boulevard in the Town Center: attend a Community Day class; try meditation; meet some other community members; borrow a book. Remember — “any body can benefit from Yoga” The Art of Listening — and Simply Yoga can help anyone to learn to listen to their body, mind, and spirit!

By Linda Petrecca