Simply Yoga Studios: What is Vibrational Healing?


"Vibrational healing generally does not use physical manipulation but employs only light or no touching of the body. Instead it influences your energy systems, mind, and Soul to correct and rebalance themselves through the healing and restorative frequencies and active consciousness of constitutionally “perfect” energies such as Reiki, White Light, sound, physical light, color, flowers and plants, and crystals and gemstones— to name a few. Their subtle vibrations can dissolve, flush, or help release these blockages, restoring balance and the healthy flow of subtle and Life Force energies in your body, mind, and Spirit. Some of these energies bring changes that are fast and act physically while some work slower and deeper. Often it is best to use them in combination and adjust them as things change. What is needed for any individual’s energy to be restored and maintained varies on a case-by-case basis and is best managed by an experienced healer working in concert with them. The real story comes back to the fact that healing is not separate from Life but an integral part of our growth, and that each life is an individual journey of the Soul." To read more about vibrational healing, click here.

Simply Yoga Studios in Eagleview Town Center is hosting a vibrational healing session on July 25th from 1-2:30pm. A student of Debra's at Simply Yoga writes, "during the session you are laying comfortably on your back while Debra works her magic all around and over you. With the use of music, the gong and the crystal healing bowls as her tools, she helps you to transcend the physical to a safe space where you can discover your inner vision."

Register online to take part in the upcoming vibrational healing session or click here to discover the other workshops Simply Yoga Studios has to offer!

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