Why You Should Support Independent Bookstores


"There are lots of reasons to support local businesses, whether it’s mom-and-pop hardware stores or neighborhood farmers’ markets. But when you buy from an independent bookseller, you’re doing something more. You’re helping to keep alive an important force in making our national literary culture more diverse, interesting and delightful. Your shelves are full of books that wouldn’t be there if not for indie booksellers you’ve never met, struggling to get by in shops you’ve never heard of. That’s why it’s so important to support the one next door.

Squeezed first by chain stores like Barnes and Noble and later by online retailers like Amazon, these beloved neighborhood staples are a dying breed. "

We have two great independent bookstores here in Eagleview Town Center. The Wellington Square Bookshop and The Eagle's Nest Christian Bookstore. Supporting independent businesses  and watching them grow is something that Eagleview finds valuable. Smaller bookstores have the flexibility to help out the up and coming writers get their name out there. Everyone has a dream and sometimes these big chain stores get in the way of allowing smaller companies to grow.  Our bookstores help our community come together through book clubs and other events that our bookstores host. Make sure you check them out and thank them for being there to help make our Eagleview community great!

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Wellington Square Bookshop 549 Wellington Square | Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA 610.458.1144 | wellingtonsquarebooks.com

The Eagle's Nest Christian Bookstore 574 Wharton Blvd | Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA 610.458.7521 | licministries.com