The Hankin Group Solar Projects


The Hankin Group is continuing its commitment to sustainable development through several solar projects. Solar panels have been installed at 707 Eagleview Blvd and 505 Eagleview Blvd (with the help of EOS Mercury), at 716 Haywood Dr. (with Greenpointe Energy) and at 740 Hemlock Rd (with Pusey Electric). 707 Eagleview Blvd has 350 solar panels on its roof which generate about 10% of the building's energy. 716 Haywood and 740 Hemlock are primarily composed of warehouse space at that location. Less electricity is used allowing the panels to produce nearly 80-90% of their energy. The planned solar farm in Morgantown will boast 22,000 ground-mounted solar panels and will generate 6 megawatts of electricity per year.

Companies looking to cut down on energy costs can buy portions of the power generated by the solar farm. This energy is also attractive to environmentally conscious companies because it is abundant and sustainable. Power purchase agreements with several tenants in Morgantown Business Park are in process.

Generally, May and September are when the solar panels are most effective. There is more sunlight in a day, but temperatures aren't at their highest (solar cells work more efficiently when temperatures are cooler).

As each new project comes online, The Hankin Group is looking forward to new solar opportunities within our communities.