World Travel, Inc. Tips for Business Travel


Let’s face it: travel can be a hassle. Gone are the days of gloved flight attendants, well-dressed travelers, and matched luggage. Now it’s all about how little you can pack, how fast you can get there, and how many fees you can avoid paying at the counter. Here are some tips to make your trip a little bit smoother:

1. Ask for Some Loyalty. When you consolidate your company’s business travel using specific air and car vendors will compound your rewards. Many vendors have Small Business Programs that will accrue points for your travelers and soft dollars or upgrades for your company. Not sure what vendors to go with? Ask us for some advice.

2. Don’t Call Us; We’ll Call You. Sign up for your airline’s text or email alerts about your flight, or register for FlightStats, which is often faster. Now you don’t have to check your flight status; your flight status will check in with you. Forgot to register? Go to Google and type in your flight number (ie: US 475). Your flight status will appear as the top result on the page.

3. Would You Like Fees With That? Get used to á la carte airline fees. They’re not going anywhere, and you may even see more of them. Plan ahead and keep luggage, seat, and boarding fees in mind when you’re comparing airline prices. Fees are not yet included in fare comparisons offered by any aggregator.

4. No More Web Woes. Staying connected is crucial, and more and more hotels are charging for WiFi access. Check with your phone service carrier to asses monthly fees for using your iPhone or BlackBerry as a mobile hotspot, purchase an AirCard (about $45/mo., depending), or ask at the front desk: “How do I get free WiFi?” Sometimes all you have to do is sign up for the Rewards Program.

5. Who Ya Gonna Call? You know the sinking feeling when your flight is delayed? The prospect of a mad dash to the Customer Service desk is daunting, especially considering you didn’t pay to check your bags. When you have a travel management agency, you are a phone call or an email away from an experienced agent who can find the right trip for you. They’ll consider other airlines, other airports, other modes of transportation, and have you booked before you arrive at the gate or rental car counter. Have a credit card concierge? Make sure to ask: are you just sitting on hold with the airline so that I don’t have to, or can you actually book me a ticket?

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